9 f, 2012 / by joseluishaces

Which is the best way to Learn English as a Second Language?

There are many different reasons for people to learn English as a second language, including business advancements and personal communication. Regardless of the reason, it is important to know and understand your learning option. Having this knowledge will enable a person to make the best decision regarding how they are going to learn English. Consider the following methods that are available and their benefits:

Classroom based lessons – Depending on an individual’s learning style, one might enjoy a traditional class environment. Learning in a traditional environment provides consistent interaction with an instructor and can be helpful for students who may seek out extra guidance for class materials. Classroom based learning also provides students with the opportunity to form peer groups with other students to study and work with.

Audio lessons – These are rather old fashioned now, and a lot of learners find that it can be hard to gain a real grasp of a language through this method alone. However, good online courses that teach English as a second language may involve audio lessons to give students a better idea of pronunciation and dialect. Audio lessons are commonly used tu supplement a curriculum, however, complete audio lessons are available for auditory learners.

Books – Books are also typically used as supplemental resources to more involved curricula. However, for self-motivated learners, instructional books may be just the ticket to learning the English language at a pace that is comfortable for them, without having the constraints and obligations technology might be involved in online learning forums.

DVDs – A very popular learning tool, DVD learning programs can be very successful if followed correctly and consistently. A self-motivated learner might appreciate the flexibility and freedom that comes with working with a DVD learning tool. However, the inability to gain feedback from peers and instructors may be frustrating to a user if they are struggling with course material or can not move forward with the program. A DVDs learning tool could be perfect for a student that already has a fundamental knowledge of the course material, but is in need of a refresher course.

Online learning – Online learning tools have proved to be very successful and well received by both students and instructors. With flexibility and convenience, this learning method might work well for a student who is unable to commit to a classroom schedule, but works well in groups and singularly. Online learning tools do assume that the student does have a working knowledge of the internet and newer technology.


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